The reason for the lack of a 3.5 mm connector in the Xiaomi Mi6

In April 2017, the official presentation of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 was held. The Chinese manufacturer told about some changes that gave the novelty unique features that were not available in previous models. So, Mi6 was the first gadget equipped with a Snapdragon 835 processor. The next distinctive feature of the Mi6 device is the disappearance of the standard headphone jack.

Connoisseurs of products from the famous brand of the Celestial Empire were outraged by the inability to use the usual headset in the flagship smartphone of the new generation. Now users are forced to search for headphones, which must be connected to a USB port equipped with Type-C format. Usually it is designed to replenish the battery charge and copy information to a personal computer.

In a recent interview, representatives of the Chinese company Xiaomi explained that the output for the headset takes up too much free space. Due to the refusal of this element of hardware stuffing, Mi6 received a battery capacity of 3350 mAh, although in previous models it reached only 3000 mAh.

Due to the absence of a standard 3.5-mm connector, the Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone stuffing is more ergonomically placed in a waterproof case. Advantages of the modern USB Type-C standard allow for better quality of sound transmission, which was liked by manufacturers of electronic gadgets.