Need for Speed 2017: the first details of the game

Are there any people in the world who do not know Need For Speed? Since the mid-nineties this name has become synonymous with the word “race“. And although Need For Speed ​​is not the only series of racing games, nobody has managed to bypass it by popularity. Excellent graphics, memorable soundtracks, a variety of locations and routes, an exciting plot, police chases and a complete immersion in the indescribable atmosphere of street racing – for this we all love NFS. The best proof of this is millions of copies sold all over the world.

In May 2015, the full restart of the series was announced. The first part of the Swedish studio Ghost Games introduced in November 2015. Need For Speed ​​did not cause any special enthusiasm, but was able to revive the extinct love of the fans, once again immerse them in the world of good old street races. Among the advantages were rich tuning, excellent graphics and a decent story, among the minuses – performance problems and meager locations. “Not a bad start,” – decided the developers of Ghost Games, undertaking to sculpt the sequel.

This time the creators do not rush to the premiere. The first details about the new game from the restarted NFS series appeared only now, and the official release will take place at the end of 2017. Will Need For Speed ​​2017 repeat the success of Underground and Most Wanted, which in the game world has long become a classic? Hardly. To do this, developers will have to sweat a lot, try to meet the yearly requirements of gamers to autosimulators. For this reason, the most dedicated fans of the franchise were involved in the development process. So gamers do not lose hope, and the creators pour oil on the fire, throwing us fresh details about Need for Speed ​​2017.

It is well known that in the new part of the NFS we are waiting for exciting police persecution. The famous jeeps of special purpose (the same “Rhinoceroses“) will return to the game, not everyone can escape.

Customization, we also do not intend to deprive. The developers have assured that in NFS 2017 players can still make the desired adjustments to their cars.

Another plus the Need for Speed ​​2017 is not need to connect to the Internet in a single mode. The game can be paused.

They promise to make adjustments to the gameplay, work on realistic graphics, expand the number of locations, return drag racing. Do everything to return the love of the fans. The developers of NFS are going to “create not only a beautiful game world, but also to give players the opportunity to have a good time, having given maximum freedom of action for the realization of their own ideas.”

New details about Need for Speed ​​2017 will become known at the event for gamers EA Play, which will be held from 10 to 12 June 2017.