wanna cry virus

The activity of the extortion virus WannaCry went into decline

Over the past week, all the world’s leading companies have been under threat. Users of social networks complained that they were hacked and in every way tried to steal in the “online” mode. Attackers have developed a special malicious software that on the “automatic machine” skillfully hacked personal data of the user, accessed personal, financial and other information.

On the expanses of the network, information appeared, according to which about two hundred thousand users, living in different parts of our planet, were subjected to cyberattacks. About one hundred and fifty countries were stormed by a specific online virus – WannaCry.

Today, Kaspersky Lab has stated that the overall situation is already under control. This fact is evidenced by the frequency of attempts to crack users, which decreased almost six times during May 15.

According to the media, malicious software was based on the US national security program WannaCry. This program was modified by attackers.

Kaspersky Lab” can judge the current situation, based on data from users who use the antivirus software of the company. What is the real situation on the Internet, yet difficult to assess.