The first details of Destiny 2

Many fans are waiting for the appearance of Destiny 2. The first part of the sci-fi shooter at the international video games exhibition Gamescom 2013 was awarded important awards, becoming the best action, the game of the exhibition, the best game for the PS4. Developer Bungie together with the publisher Activision in a new part of the shooter prepared for gamers pleasant surprises.

In Destiny 2, large-scale epic events will unfold. Players are waiting for the battle with the Red Legion – a powerful army that occupied the last of the remaining safe places on Earth. The city was destroyed by enemy troops, the inhabitants were hastily evacuated. The main game location will be the European Dead Zone. The guards will have to explore one planet after another, learn new abilities, collect weapons that could destroy the enemy’s Red Legion. Players will have the opportunity to visit Titan, Io, Nessus.

The main good news – Destiny 2 is not only on the Xbox One and PS4. The edition will be available on the PC. To develop a version for personal computers, Vicarious Visions undertook, the game can be launched through the Blizzard application. The advantage of the PC-version is the increased frame rate. If the Xbox One and PS4 “squeezed” 30 frames per second, then the PC has this ability much higher – at least 100 FPS. PC-version is optimized for mouse and keyboard control, supports by 4K resolution.

The World will see the sequel to the shooter Destiny 2 on September 8, 2017. Players who have pre-ordered will receive early access to the test version. Owners of the collector’s edition of Destiny 2 will purchase together with the game a bag of the migrant, special in-game items and a season pass. All this is in a special package, styled under the Empire of Kabal.