Autopilot NuTonomy meet with bad drivers

Creators unmanned vehicle NuTonomy autopilot decided to test his new project as close to the real situation on the roads. Platform for the test was chosen Boston, USA. It is this city is a haven of worst drivers in the country according to the US transport inspection. Acquainted with local troublemakers sent several cars. Developers who try to teach autopilot unusual and critical situations on the road, turned to Boston authorities requesting the test and received approval.

NuTonomy began tests of automatic control system 4 years ago. This winter trials were held in a small area, specially prepared for this kind of testing. Naturally such tests could not provide actual data on the situation on the city road, so it was decided to conduct a larger trial.

This testing should push autopilot with some very difficult trials: the huge number of signs, junctions, bridges, trails and most importantly with cyclists and style of driving are considered the worst in the US. For design help it adapt to different accidents and teach him to cope with unusual situations.