Summer Games Done Quick 2017: a marathon on the passage of games

In the modern world, charity is gaining increasing popularity. Kind people sacrifice their money to those who need it. Unfortunately, those in need are much more than virtues, and a method is needed to encourage people to do good deeds.

It was for this purpose that the festival Awesome Games Done Quick SGDQ 2017 was invented. The idea was simple – the organizers invited the best speedrunners (people who play games for the shortest period of time), put them behind a computer and invited other people to choose a game that should be passed . To vote for your choice, you need to charge a certain amount. All the money so earned went to the “Prevent the Cancer Foundation“, which is looking for ways to treat one of the most terrible human diseases – cancer.

In short, the idea shot. The whole gaming community appreciated this approach and since then the Games Done Quick festivals have collected more than $ 10 million for the above-described foundation, and also joined the “Doctors Without Borders” program. And yes, we were not sealed – it was festivals. Within the framework of this program there are 2 events a year – the winter Awesome Games Done Quick and the summer – Summer Games Done Quick.

This year, SGDQ will be held from 2 to 9 July in the city of Minneapolis of the same state of the United States. The venue agreed to become the “Minneapolis Marriott City Center“, it will also become the official hotel of the event, where all the acting speedrunners and organizers will live. We strongly recommend you to go to a stream of events, since there is always something to see …