Our Team
Витренко Евгений Артурович

Evgeniy Vitrenko

The Chairman "Ukrainian Fedearion of Cyber Sport"

"Information Technology are developing with cybersport in the same way. Thanks to modern technologies eSports apparated in the 21st century, as a new movement in the modern, developed society. Thanks to our team, we have done a lot of work for developing Ukrainian cybersport. And we plan to do more to bring eSports to the level of big sport.”

Киченок АС

Andrew Kychenok


“Cybersport formed as a new movement in developing countries with the support of government and investments by private companies. This movement develops rapidly. In Ukraine, cybersport isn’t recognized as an official sport and now it is only entertainment of a modern youth. The task of our team to achieve not only recognition of cybersport, but bring it to standards of a big sport.”s