Yoggi Yalla Cup Scandinavia 2017

Lately have started the largest open tournament in Scandinavia on Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Yoggi Yalla Cup.

The total prize fund of the championship is 150,000SEK (~ 16,000 €). The games will be held online, at first will be played 8 qualifying rounds, each of them will bring to the winning team a share of the total prize fund. Each week the teams have to play two preliminary qualifications, one standard qualification and one final qualifying round, according to which one of the teams will move further along the grid. At the end of all the qualifying stages, in the playoffs will meet the eight best teams, which will compete among themselves for the main part of the prize fund.

Yoggi Yalla Cup

Sponsors of the tournament were the company-manufacturer of dairy products Arla and organization Fragbite.