CyberGamer Pro League Season 10

It so happened that most of the audience in any sport pays attention only to the so-called Tier 1 teams. The logic here is quite clear – since the collectives are top, then they play better than everyone else and, correspondingly, it’s much more interesting to watch than the games of some of the Nounames. Unfortunately, in cybersport this logic is often not justified, even though we often contemplate all sorts of installation of mind-blowing moments from non-professional players.

As you know, good athletes are not born, they become as the result of hard training, as well as trial and error. And here, to give young players the opportunity to break into a big e-sports, there are relevant leagues. For the CIS region, the most relevant of these is the Starladder Pro Series. However, today we will talk about such a league from Australia – CyberGamer Pro League. In it, 4 teams compete, which passed the qualifying round. Prizes for finalists in addition to cash awards will be reserved slots for the next season. The total prize fund of the tournament is 10,000 AUD (1 AUD = 0.76 USD at the time of writing the news).

The main question is, is it worth watching such tournaments? And the answer to this is – YES, it’s worth it. CS: GO even at this level is able to give a pleasant viewing experience. Especially considering that all teams have a huge motivation to perform at the maximum of their capabilities, because it is here that the greatest chance to attract the attention of large organizations and fulfill their dream is to get into a big e-sports.