Oukitel K4000 Plus

Announcement of smartphone Oukitel K4000 Plus

On the 5th May, 2017 took place the official announcement of a new smartphone K4000 Plus, manufactured by the popular company OUKITEL. The functioning of the elements of its hardware filling is controlled by a proprietary operating system called OUKITEL OS developers. The main difference of the novelty is the presence of functions of the private mode. It allows the owner of a mobile device to comfortably manage the restriction of access to personal information stored on the K4000 Plus smartphone.

When this mode is activated, you can view photo images, open video files or launch applications after you have entered a pre-set password. Files with confidential information selected by the user to open in private mode will not be displayed on the desktop, application menus and file managers when the mobile device is operating in the standard mode.

The pictographic icon of the application that manages by the private mode options is also allowed to hide from the curious glance of outside users. To run it, you need to open the dialer window, and then print the pre-defined symbols of the code combination. Protection of confidential data on the smartphone K4000 Plus is provided by creating a fake private mode or using a fingerprint scanner.

Its biometric sensor is located in the mechanical “Home” key located on the front of the mobile device. Of the other characteristics of the novelty, the energy-saving function and high-strength glass are known, which protects the outer surface of the display matrix. For more information on the K4000 Plus gadget, OUKITEL will post it on its official website as soon as possible.